Arcade Games

Game Name
Batman Racing
The Irritating Maze
Mrs Pac Man + Galaga 20th Anniversary
Fix it Felix Jr.
Donkey Kong Jr
Aliens Extermination
Arcade Classics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Spiderman the Video Game
Tekken Tag
Big Buck World
Terminator Salvation
Air Hockey
Street Fighter 2
Smash TV
Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme
Top Skater
Killer Instinct 5
Blazing Angels
Fruit Ninja
Virtua Fighter
Maximum Force
Marvel Vs Capcom
Starwars Trilogy
NFL Blitz 2000
Star wars racer
Mortal Kombat 3
Killer Instinct 2
Tekken Tag Tournament
Off Road
Crazy Taxi
Super Zaxxon
Fast and Furious: Super Cars (2)
Nascar Racing (2)
Guitar Hero Arcade
Power Truck
Beach Head 2002

Pinball Machines

Game NameBalls Per Game
Quick Draw5
Solar Ride5
Stellar Wars3
Lost World3
Dolly Parton3
Lethal Weapon 33

Pinball League

Calling all PINBALL FANS! We officially have a start date to our upcoming pinball league. Hooligans Pinhead Pinball League will kickoff March 9th! We will meet every Thursday night from 6-9 for 8 weeks. All skill levels, and kids welcome. We have a sign up sheet at our front desk, or feel free to message us on our Facebook page. Visit , or stop by for full details.